Tailored Website Solutions

Tailored Website Solutions

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If you find that our set price websites do not allow your company the creativity and expansion that you and your company require then a tailored website solution is probably the next step to take.

Our tailored solutions allow a much broader scope in design and implementation than our set price websites. You are not tied to the page restrictions and can have as many pages as is deemed necesary. You may have a need for your website to pull data from a MySql database and also be able to add, update and delete information and pages yourself as and when you need to.

With our tailored website Solutions you are able to have a content management system which allows you to login and update your information any time without having the added cost of getting your Website Developer to do this for you at an additional charge.

A tailored website can also incorporate a shopping system if you have products you would like to sell. For more infomation on Ecommerce and shopping systems please go to our Ecommerce section.

Ely Web Solutions is happy to discuss any questions you may have. Just call us to talk on mobile 07772 856004 or email at info@elywebsolutions.com